Kabalsrealm.com!!  Who'dda thunk it!!

Menus would be nice....




Kabal's Realm is Back.....well, sorta....

   The ghost of Christmas Past?  Nahh, not really....I was just bored and feeling nostalgic.  This site has been closed for what it was well known for since about 2004, but I always maintained the domain name and the servers for other things...but this site simply remained an empty space for me to stash things.....  I thought it was time for it to make a comeback, or atleast have a new home page.  This was my first site I ever registered or built, in 1997....  Damn I'm getting old!

   If any of you old timers remember this place back in the day, you remember all the glorious things that were here....mainly the FTP server...  ;)  That's all gone now and won't come back....the internet isn't the wild wild west that it used to be back in the day when I had the old trusty MP3 server going.  Looking back through older eyes, I am no longer willing to risk my bank account to the RIAA clowns just to distribute a little music for free.  I still have my collection, but unless you know me very well, you will never lay eyes on it....so just go away.

Project:VP6 is still here though, and since its hotlinked around quite a few tech sites, I have kept it up.

Nothing else to really talk about.....

So instead just a pic of a really nice car!!  Trusty old Goldie.....right after an engine overhaul!  I changed the picture from a red NA, which has been sold for years....but I had to edit this site to implement SSL, so might as well change the car picture.



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